Just-Solid BUQ-30 Sink 32.5cm



Description: (price includes BTW)
  • Material: Solid Surface
  • Colour:  Matt-White
  • Dimensions: 32.5x32.5x25cm
  • including connection hardware
  • including drain waste

The location of the tap hole has been marked but must be made by the installer if required.

What is 'Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a generic term for materials that are composed of two main ingredients: a natural acrylic mineral foundation (that is released during bauxite mining) and a resin binder mainly consisting of aluminum hydroxide. These substrates are combined to form an extremely strong and durable material called Solid Surface. The Solid Surface compound can be cast into sheets that are then fabricated into a variety of products. The acrylic-based resin is thermo-formable can actually be heated and bent into almost any imaginable shape. The pore-free homogenous surface repels most bacteria and is moisture and stain resistant.

One feature that makes solid surface materials unique is its seamless appearance. These products can be installed without the visible seams of natural stone or quartz. Solid surface products are made with one of the most repairable materials available. It can be machined with typical woodworking tools to repair and renew a damaged surface. It is easy to maintain, available in a variety of colours and patterns, and is an environmentally friendly and a biologically responsible material. Solid Surface is beautiful, timeless, robust and has the natural feel of stone. All of these combined properties make Solid Surface products an excellent choice for residential and commercial use.

Care and Maintenance

Solid Surface bathtubs should be cleaned with a soft soap.

Attention: remove the soap residue with water immediately after cleaning.

Abrasive and anti-calk products MUST-NOT be used on Solid Surface products!

Oils: After using bath oils in your Solid Surface bathtub, the oily residue should be immediately removed to prevent the formation of bath oil deposit


Solid Surface sinks are guaranteed for two years.

Exclusion of warranty: Incorrect installation, temperature, improper maintenance, limescale, congealment from freezing, imprudence, use of abrasive cleaning products, anti-calk or acidic cleaners, changes to the original surface by dismantling.



Future Plans

New location in the works!

Work as begun on our new location in Dongen. In the mean time please feel free to contact us by email at info@Smink-Badkamerproducten.nl

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